Step 1

Customer need to fill up the form here.

Step 2

Our customer service will contact you within 24 hours.

Step 3

Wait 48 hours for approval.

Step 4

Visit HaloMobile store to pick up your business upgrades.

How to trade in?

Via online or from our store, the choice is yours!

Steps For Online Trade-in

  • STEP 1
    Run the diagnostics
    Answer a few questions to get your estimated trade-in value.
  • STEP 2
    Confirm and purchase
    Click 'Confirm' if you agree with the estimated price. Select your new Apple product to purchase.
  • STEP 3
    Ready for collection
    You will receive message from HaloMobile customer service upon a successful trade-in to re-confirm your trade-in value which will be reflected at check out. HaloMobile will then collect the device.

Steps For Retail Trade-in

  • STEP 1
    Visit us
    Visit HaloMobile outlets with your device.
  • STEP 2
    Trade in
    Our HaloMobile staff will diagnose the device before trading in.
  • STEP 3
    Get a new device
    Use your trade-in value as instant credit toward a new device.

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